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Weber Professional BBQ Grill Cleaning & Repair
Los Angeles and Orange County

weber bbq grill cleaning los angeles orange county

We offer Weber professional BBQ grill cleaning, repair and restoration in Los Angeles and Orange County.

We use safe, eco-friendly & biodegradable cleaning techniques that will leave your cooking grill as good as new. Our full service company proudly serves major brands of grills and barbecue pits.


They are the biggest names in this industry;


We offer the latest in bbq grill cleaning equipment and have grills that are safe for all surfaces. The eco-friendly chemicals we use are biodegradable and will not harm your metal or porcelain. These cleaners leave your grill squeaky clean & shiny bright. We also offer a full line of spare bbq parts and grilling accessories.


We can repair your older bbq grill or assemble the newest, most complicated models on the market today. Our technicians will go through and disassemble and clean each part of your bbq grill. They will re-lubricate motors and renew seals and gaskets as needed.


We also offer bbq grill restoration services for those who wish to restore their older bbq grills and give them a whole new look and performance! We will take apart your old bbq grill and clean it from top to bottom. Then we will replace all chipped or cracked plates and replace any faulty parts. We can even replace your older bbq grill with a brand new model, complete with custom paint colors!


All of our services are offered at fair prices. You never pay until the job is finished to your satisfaction. Please contact us for more information on our BBQ Grill cleaning, repair & restoration services; you'll be glad that you did!


BBQ Grill Repair Services Include:

★ Professional BBQ Grill Cleaning

★ Professional BBQ Grill Restoration

★ Replacement of Lubricants, Seals & Gaskets

★ Corrective Motor Adjustments to Take Out Vibration

★ Removal or Remedying of "Mickey Mouse" Feet

★ Re-assembly of Grill with All New Parts

★ Custom Paint Colors to Match Your Decor or Existing Appliances

★ Replacement of Carbon Buildup Plates for More Efficient Cooking & Better Heat Control.


Please call us today to discuss your BBQ grill cleaning, repair or restoration needs.

(310) 697-6290


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